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Acorn Electron box screenshots

This page contains all the Acornsoft box screenshots for the Acorn Electron. See the index page for a full list.

Electron: Elite

Electron: Free Fall

The Electron screenshot is the same as for the BBC Micro version, except they have deleted a couple of aliens and one of the vapour trails.

Electron: Hopper

The Electron version has different sprites to the BBC Micro version, and compared to the released Electron game, the box shot has the top river bank shifted right by 2 pixels and the high score left by 1 pixel. This must be a difference in game code, so presumably this is an earlier version than the released one.

Electron: Meteors

When I did the screenshot BBC Micro version of Meteors, it was clear that it wasn't a direct screenshot of the game, but a collage of elements in a much smaller screen size. It looks like the Electron shot is the original source for that collage, as it's a full-size game screen that contains all the elements of the BBC Micro shot, but in the right places. The Electron screen is monochrome, so I'm guessing they took a normal screenshot from a BBC, then coloured it blue and white for the Electron box, and recomposed parts of it for the BBC Micro box. Seems like a lot of effort to go to, really!

Electron: Planetoid

Compared to the BBC Micro version, the Electron version has a different layout at the top of the screen, and uses different sprites for most of the elements.