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Val Webb

Subject: A vicarious pleasure!
Posted: 21 Mar 2018 3:27 am

Enjoyed your book very much, and if I were a few years younger I might've been inspired to get on and do it myself! On the subject of the Pennine Way, there are people out there who RUN it, almost non stop, in January! The way you feel about it, at least it would get it over quickly! (See Montane Spine Race for details)

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Running the Pennine Way
Posted: 25 Apr 2018 1:56 pm

Thank you Val, I'm glad you liked it. As for running the Pennine Way... well, I guess it has the advantage of being over more quickly! 😀

(Only joking, just in case there are any PW fans in here...)


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