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Mark Moxon, Web Developer

My Portfolio: BBC

The BBC Learning Zone Clips site
The BBC Learning Zone Clips site, showing three clips along with a selection of metadata

As well as being a key part of the BBC's DNA project from 1999-2002, I worked at the BBC as a freelance client-side developer on the BBC Learning Zone Clips site in early 2007. This site comprises a database of video clips from the BBC archives, all of which are searchable via a database-driven website. The site is aimed at teachers, so each clip comes with a large amount of metadata, such as a list of possible uses in the classroom, and details on which curriculum stages are relevant to each clip.

Expertise in BBC Proprietary Technologies

The Learning Zone Clips reporting tool
The Learning Zone Clips reporting tool replaced a limited Access interface

During this project I coded up sites and internal tools using a wide range of proprietary BBC software, including the following:

Within a day of starting work at the BBC, I had read the documentation for the above tools, and had already started using them in earnest. Given that the BBC had allocated the whole of my first week to learning about their proprietary technologies, this meant we were ahead of schedule from day one, and were not only able to meet all the project's deadlines, but to add a number of features to the initial phase that were not in the original plan.