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Mark Moxon, Web Developer

My Portfolio: DNA

The BBC Message Boards home page
The number of BBC message boards now running on DNA is staggering

As part of the development of h2g2 once it was acquired by the BBC, the technology that powered the site was spun off into a separate project called DNA, a general-purpose content/community tool based on XML/XSL, C++ and SQL Server. I was appointed Editor of DNA, which meant I played a central role in developing h2g2 into DNA. Primarily, I was responsible for coordinating the development efforts of the technical team with the requirements of DNA clients across the BBC, all the while ensuring that the system met with approval from all sorts of people from throughout the organisation.

Editor of DNA

As the Editor of DNA I managed the ongoing development of the project, gluing the editorial and technical sides together to create a public-facing publishing environment that both the BBC and licence-fee payers love. Overall I managed seven releases of the h2g2 website and three releases of the DNA application, often managing an h2g2 release alongside a DNA release. I used my project management skills to do the following:

The result is a platform that the BBC has taken right to the heart of its online community policy, and which continues to grow in popularity.