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Mark Moxon, Web Developer

My Portfolio: Surrey County Council

Surrey's metadata application in Rhythmyx
The metadata requirements for the Surrey intranet were very complex, requiring a number of Rhythmyx resources to implement

Surrey County Council had been planning the revamp of their intranet for two years when they called me in to help implement the site in Rhythmyx. I took the 165-page statement of work that Percussion had prepared for them, and implemented the bulk of it over a three-month period, creating 19 of the 22 required content types, and over 90 separate page and snippet variants. As part of this, I worked with the following Rhythmyx technologies:

When I joined the project, it was behind schedule due to a shortage of external Rhythmyx resources. Once I joined, the pace of development moved up a gear, and despite technical difficulties outside the scope of the project, migration of the old intranet was well underway by the end of my contract (which, incidentally, was extended beyond its original duration). To say the council was happy with my contribution is to put it mildly...