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My talks and presentations

Here's a list of talks and interviews that I've done about my software archaeology projects over the years.

I will be adding links to two more videos soon, once they are released: my IOActive hack::soho talk about Elite (30 May 2024), and another WROCC talk, this time about Lander (5 June 2024).

Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club: An Elite-themed talk

2 September 2023 (more info)

This presentation covers the same ground as the two ABug talks below, but it includes more up-to-date information on my further investigations into the codebase. If you want to hear me talking about my work on Elite, then this is not a bad place to start.

ABug #9: Explaining Elite (Part 1: BBC Micro Elite)

7 November 2020 (more info)

This was the first proper presentation that I gave on how Elite works. This talk concentrates on the BBC Micro.

ABug #11: Explaining Elite (Part 2: Disc and 6502SP Elite)

6 February 2021 (more info)

A follow-up to the previous ABug talk on Elite, this one looks at the BBC Micro disc and 6502 Second Processor versions of the game.

Byte High, No Limit: Interview about Teletext Elite

16 December 2022 (more info)

This was such fun - talking about Teletext Elite with a real fan of teletext. I really enjoyed this chat, and I think it shows!

Games At Work dot Biz #292: Interview about Elite British Gaming

12 October 2020 (more info)

This podcast was the very first interview I gave on my investigations into Elite. Note that there's a rookie mistake in there: I accidentally talk about the split-screen mode being implemented by reprogramming the 6845, when it's actually the Video ULA that gets reprogrammed. Still, it's a really fun listen, I hope...