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Other talks and presentations

Here's a list of videos and presentations that have been influenced by my software archaeology projects.

Colin Hoad: Teletext Elite - Bits and Bytes (Ep. 5)

6 May 2023 (more info)

This is a great review of Teletext Elite - Colin really understands the nostalgia kick that I was aiming for!

Alexander the OK: Elite: "The game that couldn't be written"

30 November 2023 (more info)

This is a really deep dive into the guts of Elite. It explains lots of the game's concepts in a really clear and entertaining fashion.

Timberwolf: Revs: How Geoff Crammond squeezed a Formula 3 sim into 32K

8 February 2023 (more info)

This excellent video explains the code behind Revs, very clearly and with great animations. It makes a good companion to my Revs deep dives.

Martin Ling: Exploring and extending the Elite game engine for the BBC Micro

1 June 2024 (more info)

This brilliant talk on extending Elite from EMF camp 2024 can be found from 17:30 in the following livestream:

Electromagnetic Field 2024 Streaming