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Welcome to my software archaeology and writing projects

Reverse engineering, code disassemblies and retrocomputing excellence

Building Elite from the Elite library repository

My name is Mark Moxon and I'm a software archaeologist, reverse engineer and writer. I've been publishing high-quality writing on the web since 1998, and my aim is to create the best code disassemblies and analyses you have ever seen. I hope you like them.

Software archaeology

I love analysing old code. If you'd like to find out more, then you might enjoy watching my talks and presentations. Here's a list of all my software archaeology projects:

  • Elite on the BBC Micro and NES contains fully documented source code for this seminal space sim from 1984, including more than 100 deep dives into the code and lots of interesting Elite hacks.
  • Aviator on the BBC Micro dissects and documents Geoff Crammond's first simulator, analysing everything from the aerodynamic model of the Spitfire to the flicker-free drawing routines.
  • Revs on the BBC Micro examines every single instruction in Geoff Crammond's masterpiece, which is regarded as the grandfather of modern racing sims and is still mind-blowing today.
  • Lander on the Acorn Archimedes pulls apart the first ever game for the ARM platform, which also happens to be David Braben's second masterpiece (after Elite, of course).
  • Acornsoft box screenshots contains every box screenshot from every Acornsoft game. Each screenshot has been carefully reconstructed, pixel by pixel and entirely by hand, using scans of the original boxes, magazines and brochures for reference.


I'm also a travel writer and long-distance walker, and for a five-year period in the mid-noughties I had the highest-ranked travel writing website on the entire world wide web. Here are my writing sites:

  • Mark Moxon's Travel Writing was originally launched in 1998, and over the years the site has grown and grown and now has a big following. The site has over 570 pages of travel writing and advice from 25 countries and six continents, as well as a searchable photo library containing over 5000 photographs, plus free eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Walking Land's End to John o'Groats with Mark Moxon tells the story of my 2003 walk across Britain, with over 100 stories and 900 photographs; the site is regarded as one of the most important Land's End to John o'Groats websites, and is a must-read for those contemplating the walk.
  • Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot tells the story of my 2008 walk along the entire length of the London Underground, and it's proving a very popular destination for those interested in exploring London on foot.

You can also read more about me or get in touch.