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Rob Bishop

Subject: Gonna try this maybe 2020....
Posted: 12 Feb 2019 2:46 pm

Great little site this well done Mark, it will be an invaluable source of information. I am thinking I will have to double all your costs to get them up to date.

Other plans over the next 10 years:
Hook van Holland to Istanbul (and beyond? to Baku?)... following in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor. (2000 miles)

West Sussex(my home) to Santiago de Compostela. (1000ish miles)

Appalachian Trail (2150 miles)

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Costs and walks
Posted: 18 Feb 2019 9:10 am

Hi Rob.

Yeah, those costs are really old now - they're from 2003! Can't believe it's 16 years ago this summer... 😮

Good luck with your plan. That's an amazing selection of walks; life-changing, really. I'm jealous already!

Best wishes,


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