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carolyn garritt

Subject: Virtual lockdown LEJOG
Posted: 11 Apr 2020 2:00 pm

I just thought you might be interested to know this: I got together a team of lovely folks who've been affected by cancer, and their friends. Some are facing 3 months of self isolation and shielding, because of their vulnerability after cancer treatment. We're logging the miles we can each walk or run every day, then combining them to follow the route you walked. We're taking in your blog posts as we go. You are providing us with a wonderful narration to our virtual journey and helping to keep spirits and energy up, for a group of people who are missing their walking/running buddies. Thank you. As I type this, we're with you on the Cotswold Way. Best wishes

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Lockdown LEJOG
Posted: 12 Apr 2020 12:15 pm

Hi Carolyn.

That's fantastic! What a great idea, and I'm delighted to be a small part of it, especially as my wife Peta - who gets mentioned a lot in my account - went through the whole chemo and radiotherapy rollercoaster five years ago, for breast cancer. The care she received was wonderful; it's a great thing you're doing.

Though I should apologise in advance for my slightly dour mood when you get to the Pennines, as I found the middle section quite the challenge, and didn't hold back when writing my diary! Though at least it's an honest account of how I felt after all those miles... and life is all about getting through the downs as well as the ups, I guess. 😀

Thanks ever so much for letting me know - you've made my day. Good luck with the rest of the walk!

All the best,


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